A Step-By-Step Guide To Build A Mobile App For A Small Business

By on January 29th, 2021

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Businesses across the world are looking to exploit the immense potential that comes with having a stunning mobile app. Mobile app development companies have tapped into this progressive technology and developed apps that have transformed businesses and revolutionized customer relationships.

As a small business trying to grow and meet its various goals, a mobile app development company in Sydney may just be what you need to turn things around. In this article, we show you how you can build a successful mobile app for your business and why working with expert developers matters. 

Step 1: Identify The Problem

How would a mobile app benefit your customer and business? Where does it fit in your business strategy? Can it help you accomplish specific goals? Answering these and other related questions requires that you do plenty of market research and analysis. It is the only way you will be able to tell the viability of a mobile app as an investment for your business. 

User data analysis can also help you find a problem area that could set the basis for development for your mobile app. You could hire an app development company in Sydney to help you with all this. Such a  team will help you find out how best to incorporate your business ideas into a useful app that effectively markets your brand, products or services. 

Step 2: Visualize The Layout

This is one of the most critical points in the app development process. It is where your business idea will be converted into a platform where users will interact with your business. 

App layout, specifically navigational features, play a huge role in user retention and satisfaction. Work with your chosen app development company in Australia in coming up with the best layout for your mobile app. 

Step 3: Make The App As Light As Possible

This is the stage where you remove all features within the app that do not fit the core business objective. Remember, you’re trying to attract potential customers first. Have basic easy-to-access features that any user can scroll through and get what your app’s all about. 

This not only saves you on development costs in the app’s building stages but also gives you an opportunity to put in extra updates that will increase app value. 

Step 4: App Design & Platform Selection

Two aspects that dominate this stage include user interface (UI) and user experience(UX). They define app design and are heavily influenced by your target audience. This means you will need to have a deeper understanding of your target audience in order to develop an app that will satisfy users. In other words, your app’s design has to match user preferences. 

Keep in mind that iPhone and Android users don’t share the same preferences. If you have to develop an app for both platforms, you will have to customise your app to the specific interests of users in both platforms

There’s plenty to consider at this stage too so work with your chosen mobile app development company in Sydney Australia in coming up with a suitable design for your app and in deciding which platforms to launch it on. 

Step 5: Register With An App Store

With your app development now in its final stages, register with your preferred app store(s) by creating a developer account. Keep in mind that there are specific guidelines to be met before your app is accepted by the respective app stores. 

This stage matters because it also determines the visibility of your app on the app stores. You could have a great app but if it does not appear in the top results, you will have a difficult time accomplishing your goals. You may want to consider app store optimisation at this point 

Step 6: Make Use Of Analytics

User data will help you know how well your app is performing. This process involves data collection and analysis, which is best done by an experienced team from a competent mobile application development company in Australia. Hire one to help you keep track of app user interactions and engagements and make improvements that respond to user needs and add more value to your app. 

Step 7: Work On The Release Of Future Updates And Versions

Did you have to remove some of the app’s features in the first development stage that you felt were important? No worries. This is the time to go full throttle and incorporate value-added aspects that tell subscribers you mean business and want them to stay.
In summary, building an app takes time, effort and plenty of skill and experience. You are better off working with the best app development company in Australia because such a developer has the skill, experience, capacity and resources to meet all the needs you may have now and in future. You are welcome to speak to our experts at Mad About Apps for more information on how this process works. 

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