How To Know When Your App Needs A Major Update

By on August 4th, 2020

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After having a good mobile app development company in Sydney design your app, many assume that it will be smooth sailing from thereon. 

After all, you can have your in-house developers examine how the app is performing across different platforms and use the resulting feedback to fix minor bugs and technical glitches. 

Unfortunately, this can only go on for a short period. Soon, you will be required to make a major update. It is inevitable. 

A major update is when you have to make changes to certain aspects of your app that will greatly affect the rest of your app. For example, when your app switches versions from version 2.0 to 3.0.

It is important to know when you need to involve a professional app developer to implement a major update. Ignoring to do so can have serious consequences. In worse situations, your business will suffer. 

So, here are the signs that you need to give your app a major update:

1. Increased Competition & Major OS Updates

This may sound odd but many businesses have been forced to give their app a major update just a few months after the launch. Several situations could make you do this. 

The common one is when your app appears dated compared to the other apps on the market. In a competitive industry, this is very common. Every brand is trying to stay ahead and give the customer the perfect user experience. 

You might also be forced to change the design of your app if the OS  that your app is on receives a major update that forces all the apps on it to change aspects of their design and functionality. Failure to do so could make your app less user-friendly and in worst cases, dysfunctional. 

Put simply, monitor your competition and OS changes. Whenever you notice significant changes, make sure your app doesn’t get left behind.

2. Moving Your App To Other Platforms and Devices

Making your app available on many other devices on the same platform or a whole different platform requires a lot of work under the hood.

For example, if you want to make your app compatible with more Android devices, you will need to make several changes that will make the app to work smoothly on all kinds of smartphones and tablets. 

Note that the changes will touch on the visual, design and functional aspects. That is why it is best to hire a mobile app developer in Australia to implement such changes. Make sure they are experienced in both Android and iOS app development.

3. Wanting User Reviews

Another sign that you might need to work with a mobile app development app company in Sydney again is when the user reviews and app ratings aren’t impressive or are below your expectation 

A lot of users might be complaining about a certain aspect of your app. Some will even offer suggestions on some future changes that they would like to see on your app. Such feedback is key to creating a stunning mobile app. 

When this happens, consult an experienced app development agency to find out if the changes will be feasible.

It is a good idea to act on your user’s feedback as soon as possible to make sure that they do not leave your app for a better option

4. Need For Extra Critical Features

Adding major features to an app is usually one of the major reasons for an update. Major features require a lot of work to get them working seamlessly with the rest of the app.

Sometimes, a complete overhaul of major sections of your code will be required. It is advisable to work with the same developer who created your app for the successful implementation of such features.

For example, if you wanted to increase the security aspects of your financial app by adding a fingerprint feature, you might need to make changes to other parts of your app such as the UI and layout. This will require a major update of your app.

Major app updates are unavoidable. At some point in the life of your app, you will have to make them. The trick to preparing for this is knowing when that might be. Hopefully, this article has helped you have a good idea of that. When that time comes, remember to involve a good mobile app development company in Sydney that can deliver all your updates effectively. Make sure they have a reputation for offering quality mobile app development services in Australia. 

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