The Best Mobile App Developer In Sydney’s Take On The Best Way To Use Mobile Push Notifications

By on October 20th, 2020

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You probably know what push notifications are and how they work, but the question you will want to think hard about is “I’m I making the best use of push notifications?”

For any business with a mobile app, push notifications are a marketing tool you should never take lightly. But bearing in mind more than 50% of app users find them annoying, you will have to work with professionals, preferably an experienced mobile app development company in Sydney, to come up with push notifications that your customers will find irresistible. 

Below, we share a few tips on how to make the best use of this feature.

1. Use Your Push Notifications For The Right Reason

As you can guess, most people would opt-out of push notifications from your app if they feel that your messages are intrusive. It is important that your push notifications are relevant and unique to however you send it to.

For example, it would be a bad idea if you used your push notifications to advertise products from other businesses that have nothing to do with your brand. Almost all your users will find such messages annoying which will lead them to disable push notifications from your app or uninstalling it altogether.

Another example of the wrong use of push notifications is requesting users to rank your app. Think about it, your users will be annoyed if you interrupt them with a push message that has no apparent value.

This is why working with an app development company in Sydney is critical to the success of your push notification system. They have the expertise required to ensure that users value your push messages other than seeing them as a nuisance. 

2. Use Push Notifications Only When Necessary.

Did you know that one of the main reasons why push notification campaigns fail is over-use? Most people won’t keep using an app that sends them push notifications more times than necessary.

Only send push notifications when you have something important to share with your app users. Make sure that the messages you send out are relevant to the user group you are targeting.

If your messages come across as spam to your users, they will likely opt-out from your messages 

3. Your Messages Should Provide Actionable Alerts

Your push messages should provide value to your users for you to get the desired results. They should contain a call-to-action for your app users, giving them direction on how they should act on the information you have provided.

Whenever you need help creating compelling calls-to-action, make use of mobile app development services in Australia. Experienced app developers will help you come up with an effective call to action strategy that is unique to your app and business.

4. Personalise Your Push Messages

Push notifications have a lot of value, but only if your message is specific to individual users. There are many ways to personalise your push messages. For starters, make sure that you address each user by name.

Dividing your app users into groups will make it easy for you to personalise your push messages. Some of the factors that you should focus on when creating your groups include user location, Interests and rate of app use.

You should also consider where different users are in the lifecycle of your app. For example, if a user stopped halfway through the onboarding process, you can send them a reminder in the form of a push message.

How you frame your messages is important when it comes to personalising push notifications. For example, when reminding a user to complete their onboarding, you should tell them what they have to gain if they complete the process.

This way, a user will be motivated to follow your call of action since you have provided them with good reasons to do so.

5. Analyse and Measure Your Results

You won’t be able to gauge the progress that your push notifications are making if you do not have a system to analyse and measure your results. This is another reason to hire a mobile app developer in Australia who can create a dashboard to analyse the metrics and other results from your push messages.

The data you collect will allow you to optimise your push messages for the best performance. Push messages that are triggered by user action have a higher chance of success. Analysing user data will allow you to create trigger points that are unique to different user groups.

To conclude, always keep in mind that push notifications are critical to the success of your app. When you use them properly, the benefits will be priceless. Work with an experienced mobile app development company in Sydney to experience the full positive impact of well-done push notifications. .

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