The Difference Between User Experience And User Interface Explained By The Best App Development Company In Sydney

By on October 13th, 2020

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The terms user experience and user interface can be confusing to the average person. Even seasoned app developers occasionally make the mistake of using them interchangeably. Both are crucial in app development, which is why you should work with a mobile app development company in Sydney that has a deep understanding of the two. 

Our app developers at Mad About Apps shared with us expert information about the two areas. Below, we take a look at both based on what we learned from them and other sources. 

What Terms User Interface (UI) And User Experience(UX) Mean

UI is the system put in place that allows an app user to interact with your app. The term was first used during the early days of personal computers.

UX, on the other hand, is the whole experience that a user has with your mobile app. You rank an app’s user experience by looking at its ease of use and if the user has a seamless experience when using the app.

If you already knew that, congratulations! But that is only the tip of the iceberg. You will have to consult an experienced mobile app development company if you want to have a better and deeper understanding of both and learn about how their impact on your app. 

To start you off, we look at the key differences between the two:


UI and UX design have different goals. At its core, your mobile is designed to solve a specific set of problems that your potential users have. 

One of the hallmarks of the best mobile app development services in Sydney is that developers can analyse your target market and competition to come up with unique ways to build your UI and UX.

The prime goal of UI designers is to create attractive interfaces while that of UX experts is the creation of an interface that is useful to the user. 

At Mad About Apps, we have talents that specialise in both. We will easily create an interface that is both visually appealing to the user and easy to use at the same time.


Another key difference between UI and UX is where their focus lies.

UX focuses on creating a connection between your users and the app. How is this achieved? You may ask. 

First, the developers conduct user experience research, whose goal is to figure out what your target market expects from your app. The data they gather from analysing your target audience and consumers will then allow them to create an app that offers the user a wholesome experience.

UI mainly focuses on Navigation. How easy is it for users to navigate through your app? Can they seamlessly move from one feature to the next? 

If none of the above is fulfilled, then you can bet that they will switch to your competitors’ app. Some of the key areas that UI designers focus on include loading speeds, app performance and button features.

Feature Set

The features that UI and UX designers are not the same. UI designers will strive to create features that make your app visually appealing. Such features mostly deal with customisation of the app, allowing your users to tweak your app to their unique tastes.

Other features that UI focuses on to make an app use seamless include;

  • Regular and useful app and content updates
  • Fast loading
  • Push notifications

UX designers, on the other hand, focus on creating features that motivate the users to keep using your app. Such features not only aim at solving specific problems that app users are facing but also make your app better than the competitor’s. When you hire a mobile app developer in Australia, always interview about their approach to creating the perfect user experience.

In summary, UX is a process. It focuses on user logic for the purpose of creating an app that offers a wholesome experience to users. UI, on the other hand, focuses on how your app is going to look like. A unique design will ensure that your app creates an emotional bond with your users. Both aspects play a huge role in the success of your app. This is why you should hire a mobile app developer in Australia who is skilled and experienced in both.

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