The Different Types Of Programming Language In Mobile App Development

By on August 26th, 2020

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Programming languages are the backbone of mobile app development. Learning more about the different types available might seem unimportant if you are a business owner. But what many don’t know is that such knowledge can be really helpful when deciding whether a mobile app development company in Sydney is worth hiring. 

As you are going to realise, each programming language is unique and suited for different purposes.  When interviewing a prospective app developer, you might want to ask them about their mastery of each. 

Let’s take an in-depth look at the different programming languages that facilitate mobile app development.

1. Python

For the past few years, the Python programming language has enjoyed a steady increase of users who have come to appreciate the utility and power behind it.

It was initially used by developers designing software for businesses and corporate entities. But, it has fast become the coding language of choice for programmers in the app development industry.

The fact that it can run on all the major operating systems has made it a darling to nearly every app development company in Sydney.

One of the key advantages that the Python programming language has is the fact that it is easy to understand for English speakers.

Its syntax has a lot of similarities to the English language, making it popular among pro developers and amateurs alike.

Github, which is one of the most credible programming portals, ranks the Python programming language as one of the top 7 programming languages for mobile app development.

2. Java: Programming Language

When it comes to Android app development, the Java programming language is king.

For the longest time, the Java programming language has been at the forefront of mobile app development.

Developed by Sun Microsystems, Java is an object-oriented programming language that is favoured by Android developers for its flexibility.

It has been the preferred programming language for Android developers since the inception of the platform in 2008.  But there’s a new similar programming language giving Java a run for its money.  Its name is Kotlin and it’s next on our list.

3. Kotlin:  General-Purpose Programming Language 

Google announced in 2017 that it had started supporting Kotlin as an alternative to the Java programming language.

The reasons for this are simple. For starters, Java developers can call their libraries from Kotlin since it is completely interoperable with the Java programming language.

The Kotlin programming language is also more ‘tidy’ when compared to Java, especially when it comes to concepts like exceptions.

Since both languages are interoperable, developers have found that the learning curve from Java to Kotlin is smooth.

It’s not hard to see why the Kotlin programming language is considered by many dedicated Android app developers as the upcoming language of choice for Android app development. 

4. Swift

The Swift programming language was introduced by Apple in 2014 as an alternative to the Object-C programming language.

As much as libraries written in Object-C and its utilities can be used in the Swift programming language, the Apple corporation favours swift as the premier programming language for developing apps on iOS.

Many iOS mobile app development companies in Australia have switched to using Swift since it’s simpler, easier to learn and more compact when compared to Object-C programming language.

An added bonus of Swift is the fact that long-term developers of the Object-C programming language can make a smooth transition to it.

5. HTML5

If you want a web-fronted app for your business, then you should hire a mobile app developer in Australia who is adept at using the HTML5 programming language.

It makes it easy for developers to insert a wide range of data types. Developers can rationalise input parameters and it accounts for different screen sizes.

The HTML5 language has the luxury of being supported by all the major browsers, increasing its utility.

The fact that it builds from the current version of HTML, makes it easier for developers to learn.

These five are the common programming languages used by mobile app developers in Sydney. Before you hire a mobile app development company in Sydney, always find out if their developers are proficient in different programming languages. Such versatility means that the company is flexible enough to meet the different needs you may have with regard to the development of your app.  When looking for quality mobile app development services in Australia, also make sure the company is familiar with all the most recent programming languages like Kotlin. 

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