The Different Ways Free Apps Make Money By The Best App Development Company In Sydney

By on November 5th, 2020

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Mobile phones have gone beyond telecommunication to bring us other diverse uses. Top on this list is the use of apps to enable us to do things that were almost impossible before. From online shopping and food delivery to learning, entertainment…the list goes on. 

Speak to a good mobile app development company Sydney to learn how your business could benefit from having an app. 

Many people opt for free apps over paid ones. But do free apps generate any income?

Many people think that you cannot make any profits by launching free apps. If that’s your take, this article is good for you. There are so many ways you can earn from free apps. Below we discuss how you can make good returns from your free app.


In-app advertising is one of the most popular mobile app monetisation techniques. It’s a vital tool that helps to market brands. 

This form of advertising takes several forms, the most popular being an interstitial ad, banner ad, rewarded videos and in ad video. With the help of a reliable app development company in Sydney, you can choose the format and campaign that will maximize your income.


In this case, the in-app purchases run a trial period that often elapses. The limited-time gives the user the opportunity to pay and access more from the app. 

However, this form of app monetisation requires precision. If not executed well, your customers will enjoy the limited trial time then uninstall your app or fail to take any further action. Hire a mobile app developer in Australia to help you come up with multi-staged marketing campaigns that prevent such situations. 

Referral Marketing

Referral marketing involves incentivizing your users to share the content with family and friends. An effective referral marketing strategy can widen your profit margins. To come up with one, you are going to need accurate planning, attention to detail and well thought out strategies. 

Without a good strategy, the link generated may not be shared by the primary user, meaning you will end up losing revenue. The good news though is that you can hire an app development company in Sydney to help you figure this out.

At Mad About Apps, for example, our talented app developers and marketers can create for you a system that brings together the referral program, links and the onboarding process with the goal of delivering desired results.

Sponsorship Model

A great free app attracts regular users. Having reached this point you can work on getting sponsorship and make money. The best way to go about this is to target a specific market niche. 

Once you have a stable audience, contact sponsors from a particular industry, offering them opportunities to build their brand awareness and share information through your app. 

Agree on a deal that will have them pay for advertising opportunities. Consider working with an experienced mobile app developer to find the best in-app actions that will attract other brands. 

Email Marketing

This is one of the traditional methods of earning revenue from free apps. Many people have an email address or several today, making this an effective marketing tool. 

To maximize on this fact and earn, you need multiple channels to capture email addresses. App developers have expertise when it comes to creating robust email marketing campaigns. Engage them to know how you can earn from your free app using this strategy.

Collection And Selling Of Data

Despite its potential, this is a highly debated area that you need to navigate with caution.  Before sharing any data, make sure you have consent from the user. 

Your free app can become a huge source of essential data and information, including useful feedback on customer behaviour. You can then use this information to better your services and at the same time sell it to interested third parties.

Since data collection is sensitive, you need to check how much of your client’s privacy you are allowed to invade. To avoid being too intrusive, seek advice from your app development company.

As you can see, there are many effective ways to make good returns from your free app. However, to be successful, you will have to work with an expert who has experience in effectively executing these strategies. Our expert app developers at Mad about Apps can use their experience to help you maximize returns on your free app without sacrificing good user experience or your clients’ satisfaction. Talk to us today to learn more about our mobile app development services in Australia. 

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