The Different Ways You Can Get Investors To Invest In An App

By on August 19th, 2020

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Australia is on the path to becoming the best country to start a tech startup. On the Global Startup Ecosystem Rankings, Sydney currently holds the 12th position. Other Australian cities such as Perth and Melbourne are gradually making great strides as well. Since the bar has been set really high in terms of innovation, you do not want to miss out on a chance to work with the best mobile app development company in Sydney. 

Unless you get a team that will perfectly convert your brilliant abstract ideas into concrete form, you will have difficulties securing funding because no investor will want to put their money in an app that is not promising.  Even in cases where you need funding in order to afford such a company, always remember that how you well your app is designed will determine the future of your business. 

In this article, we show you several ways you can get investors to fund your app idea. Before going any further, first understand there are five common types of investors you should watch out for:

  • Angel investors 
  • Venture capitalists
  • Peer-to-peer lenders
  • Banks 
  • Personal investors  

Take time to learn more about each before embarking on your search for funding. To start you off on how to get that desired investor, we discuss a few essential things you should do first. 

Brand Your Business & Get Traction 

Before you rush to meet investors and present your great elevator pitch, first invest in branding. Show the investors that you are serious by giving your business an irresistibly great identity. 

Start with a well thought out stylish and attractive logo. If possible, also come up with a great website that succinctly showcases what you do or offer. 

You do not have to get everything right. Just have in place well-done aspects of branding that will make your app look legitimate and get the investors to start talking business. 

Next, start to create traction. This is where you will have to figure out ways to make your product or brand popular among customers and investors. One way to do this is by inviting users to try out your app and leave feedback. You can also partner with other companies, get it some media coverage or have other investors endorse it. 

Such progress will easily win the interest of potential investors that you pitch your idea to. 

Also, make sure that your idea is unique and profitable. And when you hire a mobile app developer Australia, make it clear to them what you expect. Make sure they have the best team working on your app. 

That said, here are the ways you can use to get investors: 


Begin looking out for events that will present you with the opportunity to meet potential investors or leads that connect you to one. Examples include startup events,  industry conferences, product launches and so on.

Check out social media channels such as Facebook or websites such as Eventbrite and EventFinda to find out events near you. Filter the listings and narrow down to those that match your purpose. 

While networking, do not make the mistake of trusting any individual who comes across as an investor because rogue investors do exist and are always prowling in such events looking for gullible targets. Instead, target well-known investors in your industry who can either invest in your app or connect you to other investors who might. 

Seek Recommendations

If you are just starting out, meaning not many people know about your app or idea, you can turn to friends, family, acquaintances, former business partners and your mobile app development company in Sydney. Ask them to connect you with any potential investors they know. 

But before getting in touch with the recommended investors, search their history, including previous investments. Have they put their money in businesses like yours before or those that fall in the same industry as yours? If yes, then that is the best person to call. 

Even when a potential investor turns down your pitch, do not thank them for the opportunity and leave. Go ahead and ask them to refer you to someone who might be interested in investing in your app. 

Research ( Both Online & Offline)

Regularly read relevant articles and blogs online, business newspapers and magazines. You might come across names of potential investors or information that could be relevant in your search for one. 

Reach out to them, either through calls, email or office visits. But before you do that, take time to learn more about them and what they do. You can even establish a connection with them first before formally introducing yourself and your idea. 

Apart from the typical Google searches, check out websites such as CB insights, AngelList and MatteraMark to learn about different companies and their investors. To get contact information, make use of tools like the Email Hunter which usually avails professional email addresses of people your search. 

Be Active On  Relevant Online Communities 

Many venture capitalists and investors actively check out and participate in online communities because they expose them to the latest trends in the industry.  

At Product Hunt, for instance, one can have access to new products and startup ideas. You can submit your app, product, or website on this website for visitors to check it out. Users will then vote based on how they like it. More votes mean more exposure and better ranking. 

Investors on the platform will definitely notice that.  If your app captures their interest, they might reach out. 

Another similar community you might want to check out is Hacker News. Talk to your app development company in Sydney to find out more about how you can leverage such communities. 

Now it is up to you to make the next move. Remember to prepare yourself well by doing sufficient research about the investors you intend to approach and events you attend. As for the app itself,  have it developed by a company reputable for providing quality mobile app development services Australia. With a brilliantly-designed app, you will be in a better position to scale your business and even exceed your expectations. 

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