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By on September 10th, 2020

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You have developed what you believe is the best app for your business. You probably had the best mobile app development company in Sydney do it.  

Our guess is that users downloaded your app in droves. They still do. But you are worried that you are not going enough to make them use your app over and over again. 

We understand your situation. That’s we thought it would be best to share tips that can help many like you retain your mobile app users. Check them out: 

Focus on Personalization

Do thorough research about your target market before and even after developing your app so that you can have a better understanding of their interests, behaviours, problems, thoughts about your products, attitudes and preferences. 

Use what you have gathered to personalise the user experience. Deliver to them content, products/services and functionalities that match their needs and preferences. 

When done well, personalisation will help you to not only retain your customers but also keep them happy.  Have an app development company in Sydney help you with this process as they have the skill and experience to do it right. 

Use Push Notifications

Push notifications remain one of the best tools you can use to retain your mobile app users. Their goal is to grab a user’s attention and bring them back to your app. 

But let’s not forget that at least 50% of app users find them annoying and welcome. And that’s majorly because many marketers and business owners do this wrong.  

Unless you know and understand the best practices for doing this, you could end up annoying your users too and driving them further from your app. When using push notifications, always choose quality over quantity. Ensure they are specific, well-timed and more personal.

We suggest you hire a mobile app developer Australia to help you do this correctly.

Use Feedback

No mobile app developer gets it right on the go. That is why it’s important to take note of engagement and retention metrics after developing an app. 

Carefully analyse app reviews to identify what users expect from you or are more pleased about. Use the feedback to improve your services. Give them more reasons to come back to your app. 

Think About Incentives

Incentives will not only help you acquire and retain new customers but also keep the ones you have worked so hard to earn. 

Reward your app users for taking specific actions such as purchases or signing up. Make the incentives easy to redeem and use. Many app users will easily abandon your incentive if they find it frustrating to redeem and use. 

But when they are pleased, most will even go ahead to recommend your app to their friends and share it on social media pages.  You will have given them a compelling reason to keep using your app. 

Use Social Media to Promote Your App

Many businesses use social media to connect with their customers and build a lasting relationship. You could use it too to promote your app and foster a solid relationship with your app users. 

Engage and interact with your app users on social media as well. You can even go ahead to create contests that will encourage them to keep using your app. 

Developing a solid app marketing strategy for social media is part of mobile app development services in Australia. Some companies will gladly do this for you at an affordable rate. It’s a worthy investment. 

Make Use of Email Campaigns

Email marketing remains one of the best ways to improve customer retention. You can use it to keep users engaged with your app. 

When signing up for your app, give users the option to use their email. Once you have it, make the best of it. Don’t wait until they are gone to send them a message. 

Be proactive right from the moment they sign up. Remind them why they downloaded the app. Incentivise them through email. 

While emails can be good ways of re-engaging customers, be careful not to misuse it and end up in the spam folder. Write well and appealing messages that will entice users to come back to your app.

Of course, there’s more you can do to make users come back to your app again and again. But the few tips we have mentioned will give you a great headstart. Consult a reliable mobile app development company in Sydney to learn how to best implement each of them. 

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