Which Apps Have Become The Most Downloaded During The Pandemic?

By on November 30th, 2020

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Download numbers for some mobile apps have spiked since the pandemic started, which is a sign that most people have been using apps to pass time and get by during this time. Every great mobile app development company in Sydney actually agrees that the whole mobile app industry has been revolutionised by the pandemic. In this article, we look at some of the most downloaded apps during this pandemic.


If you love participating in athletic activities, then you’ll fall in love with Strava. At its core, Strava is a social network for athletes. Since its launch in 2009, people have been using it to analyse their workout sessions down to the smallest detail.

It doesn’t matter if you run, cycle, walk or hike, Strava can be used to track different aspects of your workout session. The sign-up process is relatively easy. All you have to do is select your athletic activity and start.

Once you turn it on before your session, the app will track and provide you with data on things like calories burned, distance covered, your gains and speed. The pandemic has made Strava even more popular. People want to keep fit while at home and the app offers them just that.

Working with an experienced app development company in Sydney on the creation and maintenance of your app will increase the chances of your app reaching similar levels of success.


Let’s be honest. Very few of us knew about this app before the pandemic hit and now it’s one of the most popular apps in 2020. All of us have been experiencing cabin fever from staying at home for the duration of the lockdown.

People miss a lot of things they did before the pandemic, but going out for parties and mingling with friends is at the top of the list for many. This where the Houseparty app comes in. At its core, the Houseparty app is a video calling app that people can use to connect with their friends.

I know what you are asking yourself: Why not use the other established video calling apps?

The reason is simple, Houseparty has an edge over all the other video apps on the market. It’s designed around the concept of having fun during your video calls.

Thanks to the unique social features of this app, users can have an amazing experience connecting with their friends. For example, the app has the option to play games and participate in virtual quizzes with your friends.

If you are wondering how your app can stand out in a sea of competitors just like the Houseparty app has, there is only one way to find out: Hire a mobile app developer in Australia who has experience developing unique apps for clients.


TikTok has been breaking records for the duration of the pandemic. Even though it has been around for quite some time, there is a simple explanation for this exponential rise. Millions of bored people at home jumped on the platform to create, share and watch entertaining short videos from all over the world.

There is speculation that the app’s popularity could wane when the pandemic dies down but at this point, TikTok has already taken over the global market. TikTok has offered users a different way of interacting on social media. It is highly unlikely for them to lose their momentum.

Make use of mobile app development services in Australia if you want to offer users a different and more efficient way of doing things.


Since the pandemic started, many of us have been unable to go out to our favorite restaurants. This has been especially hard for people who loved dining out and eating different foods. 

The tasty app has been a sigh of relief for many in this situation. It has a database full of recipes waiting for you to try them out. Even if you have never cooked in your life, every recipe has step-by-step instructions that you can easily follow.

Duo Lingo

The lockdown has been an ideal time for one to learn a new skill and Duolingo seems to have a favourite app for many who wanted to do that, implying that most people wanted to learn a new language. 

So far, the app has more than 35 languages. It teaches you how to master a new language by taking you through a series of exciting lessons on writing and speaking the new language. There are also exercises to help you master a new language. 

The courses are short and fun and will easily fit into your schedule. 

Others notable apps that enjoyed massive downloads during the pandemic include:

  • Fast scan: free document scanner
  • Down dog – A yoga app
  • Just Eat – For ordering takeaways
  • Headspace – For mental wellbeing

Mobile apps have proved to be indispensable for a wide range of businesses in different industries looking for a way around the current crisis. Hiring a mobile app development company in Sydney will give you access to the resources and technology necessary to replicate the success that apps in this article have had in your business. 

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