Why Does The User Experience Play A Vital Role In Mobile App Development?

By on August 28th, 2020

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Quick question. Does your mobile app developer prioritise user experience(UX)?

If yes, congratulations! Your app is in safe hands.  But, if you are not sure, maybe you should start looking for another mobile app development company in Sydney.

At Mad About Apps, we give UX the focus it deserves because we understand it’s importance in the development of an app.

Prioritising on other features and putting the UX of your app in the back seat is a recipe for disaster.Read on to find out why user experience plays such a vital role in the development of your app.

Save Money

Yes, you get to save your money if your app provides the perfect user experience. Let me explain.

You will receive a lot of complaints if users find that your app is a chore to use. This means that your app will need to be updated regularly in an attempt to assuage your users.

As you can guess, this is not cheap. There is also a high chance that core features might be compromised as changes are made to the source code.

On the other hand, an app that offers great user experience will receive fewer updates. You will end up saving money instead of having to regularly pay an app development company in Sydney to patch up your app.

Increased Revenue

You stand to make more money from an app that customers find enjoyable to use.

Users will flock to your app if it has great UX. They will most likely have no reason to download competing apps, which means better retention rate. 

Your app will, therefore, be in a better position to bring you more revenue as more of your customers use it to interact with your business. (if you have monetised it or use it to increase your sales)

This is why you should only hire a mobile developer in Australia who understands the importance of great UX for mobile apps.

Stand Out

Your mobile app does not exist in isolation. It is competing against many other applications in the same niche and outside. 

Smartphone users have a lot of choices so they won’t waste their time with an app that has poor UX.

Your app will have to stand out from the competition if it is to be successful. 

Creating an app that is one way to stand out and retain users. Remember, most users decide whether they will keep using an app or not within a few minutes of using it.

Great UX will make the user want to stick around and test the full capabilities of your app.

Build A Loyal User Base

Customer loyalty is a currency in itself. Nothing turns a potential user away from your app faster than poor UX.

With so many apps to choose from, no user will put up with an unstable up that is full of counter-intuitive features.

It is almost impossible for an app to recover from a bad first impression. You will have an uphill task convincing users to give your app a second chance.

On the other hand, an app that has prioritised on good UX will quickly build a loyal user base. Loyal users will spread the word about your app to their friends and family which will only serve to grow your user base.

Loyal users will also willingly test versions of your app that are still in development for free. Their input will help you produce a better app every time you update.

Based on these four factors, it is clear that user experience plays a vital role in mobile app development. It will determine whether your app will be a success or a failure. When looking for mobile app development services in Australia, ask your prospective app developers if they consider this and how they approach it. As mentioned earlier, at Mad About Apps, we recognise the need for good user experience.

We are aware that the success of your app depends on that. That is why our team spare no effort in making your app incredibly user friendly. 

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