3 Strategies to Get Consumers to Download Your App

By on September 16th, 2020

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We know that developing a great mobile is no walk in the park. You probably searched harder and went to great lengths just to find a great mobile app development company in Sydney that could make a stunning app for your business. 

You found one and they delivered exactly what you expected. Now you need as many people as possible to download your app so that you can achieve your purpose with it. This is an equally tough task but one you can accomplish when you know what to do. 

Our experts have stepped in to help you do it right. Below, we share three strategies you can bet on to bring you more consumers who will download your app.

1. Focus on App Store Optimisation

App store optimisation (or SEO for apps) involves the use of techniques aimed at improving the visibility of your mobile app in the app stores. One of its goals is to attract users to click and download your app, which then increases your app reviews and ratings. 

Some of the best practices for app store optimisation include: 

  • Use a clear and creative app name that includes relevant keywords
  • Have a better understanding of your audience and competition
  • Create a compelling description, 
  • Come up with a unique icon that will make your app stand out.
  • Localise your app
  • Promote your app outside the app stores

Further, ensure you add primary and secondary categories for your app. Both Google Play and the App Store have multiple categories where you can fit your app. Doing this makes your app more visible to users who are searching for an app in a specific category.

Before you hire a mobile app developer in Australia to do this for you, understand that successful app store optimisation takes time. More downloads, reviews and ratings will not happen overnight. So stay away from any developer who promises you immediate results.  

2. Make Use of Digital Marketing Techniques

First, identify digital marketing techniques you can use to effectively promote your app. Common options you will hardly go wrong with include email marketing campaigns, social media marketing, influencer marketing and pay per click marketing. 

Each of these options has its own best practices and unless you make use of them, it will be difficult to get impressive results for your campaigns.

If you are on a budget, social media marketing will serve you well. When done right, you will be able to build solid relationships with your audience through increased interactivity and engagement. When you finally introduce your app to them, they will most likely download it out of trust and respect for your brand. 

Social media can also help you achieve many other marketing goals for your apps. You can create hashtags to promote your app and introduce free giveaways and other gifts for users who download and use your mobile app.

However, doing all these on your own will require a lot of time and effort, which you may not have as you probably have a business to run. So get a digital marketing agency to do the marketing for you.  You can ask your mobile app development company in Sydney for referrals. 

 3. Promote The App On Your Websites 

One thing we all desire is for users to develop an interest in our apps and proceed to download them. You can accomplish this through your website. 

If you don’t have one yet, hire a good web designer to create for you. For those who already have it, create a page for the mobile app or a landing page complete with compelling calls-to-action. 

We suggest you use expert help in designing your landing page. Aim at making it a high-converting landing page that will funnel your traffic to the app stores where they can download your app.  

Have a blog section as well where you can share creative and captivating content directed at your target audience.  Don’t forget to add a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section and a contact information page.

You can also look for high-quality guest opportunities. This is one way to reach a new target audience and position yourself as an authority in your industry. 

As you have probably noticed, these three strategies are not new concepts. Many businesses are already using them to achieve different app marketing goals, including bringing more consumers to download their apps. It’s your turn to take advantage of them too. Always use mobile app development services in Australia where you feel the input of an experienced developer will be invaluable, like in app store optimisation.

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