Mobile Apps Used To Improve Mental Health

By on August 12th, 2020

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Do mental health apps really work? That’s a common question, which has thankfully been answered by dozens of studies that show the effectiveness of these apps. In our capacity as a mobile app development company in Sydney, we have witnessed such apps come to life and go on to transform the lives of thousands of users. 

They are a less common yet effective solution to mental health problems that can be just as effective as traditional therapy. Whether it is depression, anxiety, mood disorders or addictive behavior, these apps can help you deal with them. Many are secure and have been designed to help you address a wide range of mental health conditions and disorders. 

Today is your chance to experience their magic. In the article, we discuss four of the best mental health apps you should have in your phone.

1. Calm

When it comes to mental health applications, Calm is one of the most downloaded. Just like the name suggests, the app helps you keep calm and reduce your anxiety levels using a number of ingenious approaches.

Some of its offerings include sleep stories, meditation techniques for both beginners and experts. It even has a number of your favorite celebrities sharing some of their very own stories to help you sleep.

Calm is a great example of a stunning mobile app that solves a specific problem with its thoughtful features and great design.

Are you looking for a similar local app? Only download  those that have been developed by a reputable app development company in Sydney.

2. Headspace

There are times when you will start to feel overwhelmed by the amount of work that you need to get done. 

When this happens, you may be tempted to indulge in counter-productive activities like playing video games or scrolling your social media feed for hours as a form of escapism. The problem with this is that all the work you avoided will still be there when you are done and you still won’t be mentally prepared to accomplish it.

Headspace is the perfect app for when you start zoning out, especially if you are dealing with a lot of work.

The app offers a number of guided meditation techniques that will help you center yourself and get back to the right headspace to get through your tasks. 

The great thing about this app is that you can choose the amount of time you want to spend meditating. It is part of what makes it the perfect for different situations that you might find yourself in throughout the day.

3. The Mindfulness App

Mindfulness is a calm state of mind where you are able to focus on the present. This app has a variety of meditation techniques that help you overcome a wide range of mental hurdles.

Expect guided meditation options designed to help you deal with issues that range from anxiety to lack of sleep.

The pricing model is also very inclusive. It has free features, with more advanced ones being accessible at a reasonable subscription fee.

Would you like to bring such a concept to life?  Just hire a mobile app developer in Australia. The mindfulness app is a great example of how such a decision can lead to greatness.

4. Happify

Happify is another great example that delivers on its promises using solid design and thoughtful features that are backed with scientific data.

The Happify app is based on behavioral psychology. It helps you relax more and effectively deal with negative thoughts that might be stressing you out.

It has a wide range of games, puzzles, and activities that are developed using scientific data. The app helps you focus on the moment and improve your confidence levels.

These apps are not just great; they are also the most trusted for improving mental health. It is clear that the brains and developers behind them did excellent work in making them the perfect mental health applications. If you are thinking of developing one as well, making use of quality mobile app development services in Australia is one way to replicate the levels of success that these apps have achieved.

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