Best mobile app developers in Sydney explains what is App Store Optimization?

By on December 11th, 2020

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Having a mobile app for your business is great but that is not where you should stop. App store optimisation (AS0) is the next thing you will want to pay special attention to because the success of your app majorly depends on it. By the end of this article, you will have understood what ASO is, why it matters and the need to work a mobile app development company in Sydney on this. Let’s get started. 

What Is App Store Optimization?

Now that your app has launched, you can finally sit back and relax. Right? Wrong, you are not out of the woods yet. With millions of apps on the App store and Google Play Store, there’s no doubt that you will be facing tough competition. This is where App store Optimisation comes in. Put differently, this is SEO for apps. 

Most people find apps on the app stores through searches. Like in search engine optimisation(SEO), keywords are important in ASO as well. This is how it goes: When a person uses search, the apps best optimised for the app store will rank the highest.

App store optimization basically puts the spotlight on your app. When done well, this usually translates to  more downloads and increased visibility on the app stores. Next, we’ll dig deeper to find out the factors that affect app store optimization.

Factors That Affect App Store Optimization.

There are many factors to consider when optimising your app for the store. It would be best to hire a mobile app developer in Australia if you don’t want to miss out anything. Some factors that will have a major impact on your ASO include:

App Name

The words you use in your title are keywords as well. So before you pick a name for your app, consider how well your choice of words rank. You can work with an experienced developer in coming up with a perfect name for your app. 

App Icon

The App icon is a perfect opportunity for you to market your brand. A well-designed icon will attract more people to your app. An icon also gives people an idea of what your app is all about.


Video is king. Use this to your advantage when making your demo. Video is a perfect way to showcase the features of your app. A video demo will encourage people to download the app, especially after seeing what it can do. Make sure that the video used is short and to the point or else it won’t have a lot of impact. 

App Screenshots

Screenshots give your users an idea of what your app looks like and how it works. There’s no need for a lot of these. You only need a few of them to showcase sections of your app.

App Description

The description explains what your app is all about and how it benefits users. Just like with the app title, keywords are required for your app description. This is to enable users to find your app with ease in the store.

Importance Of App Store Optimization

Increase App Visibility

No matter how great your app is, people will have to first find it to download it and this can only happen if your app is optimized for the app store. How well you do your keyword research will partly determine the level of success you will experience with this. And given how complicated this process can get, it would be great to let a mobile app development company in Sydney do it for you

High Conversion Rates

You can attract more users to your app using app store optimisation. More users mean higher conversion rates and more sales. Besides optimising your app, an experienced ASO team will show you how you can target customers who have shown interest in an app like yours before

Increased Organic Downloads

ASO allows the user to come across your app naturally. And many people are more likely to download it this way than if you used ads. What’s more, users rarely uninstall apps they download this way.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we can all agree that app store optimization is crucial to the success of any mobile app today. By using this service, you are basically giving your app an opportunity to grow and reach more people.  So when you look for mobile app development services in Australia, find out if ASO is part of the package because your app badly needs that. 

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