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By on March 18th, 2021

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You probably have what you believe to be the best app. You’ve worked hard on it, not sparing expert attention to detail. You have spent countless hours developing it. Yet despite all this, it’s not attracting the numbers you hoped for. Well, here’s some news. The problem might not be the app itself but rather a crucial step that is often missed: app marketing. 

A general rule of thumb for effective marketing of your mobile app is to spend as much time as possible promoting it as much as you do create it. The last thing you as a business owner or app developer want is to see all your hard-earned work go down the drain. 

For this reason, you need to have a well-thought-out mobile app launch marketing plan.  Have a professional help you to come up with one and execute it. This will double your chances of success. 

To get you started, we have gathered some of the best tips that will turn your marketing into a success and boost your downloads. Check them out.

Early App Marketing

A common mistake many of us make is beginning app marketing upon the release of our app. Yet the best results are obtained when you start earlier. 

Early marketing helps you to gather information from the public even while your app is under development. You can then use it to refine your app so that it can provide better user experiences

Engaging with potential customers on social media, running polls and conducting surveys can help you better understand what features they’d like to see incorporated.  Remember, your customer is the backbone of your business. So it would be wise to keep them involved through the process of your app development. 

You can go a step further in your mobile app marketing efforts by teasing your potential clients with short advertisements or trailers as the launch date approaches. Build up their curiosity and awareness by doing this. Of course, don’t reveal too much but rather give them just enough so as to build interest and awareness. This will lay the foundation for a successful launch.

 Social Media Marketing

If you want to maximise your marketing, incorporate social media in your app marketing strategy. It is a convenient way to get found online. In fact, many marketers have rated social media as one of the most effective mobile app marketing avenues. 

Staying active on social media will make you relevant. To start off on this journey, create profiles on popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Marketing through mobile applications such as these will give you an edge over your competitors. 

Your social media profiles should be buzzing with activity at least a month before the release of your app. This will help you gain traction. Also, it is a great way to build a community for your app that will get you valuable feedback. 

You can go a step further and integrate social media into your app. In doing so, you enable users to easily share content from your app on their social media channels.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers have become the cheaper and more accessible version of the traditional celebrity endorsement. That would explain why influencer marketing is taking the world by storm. 

With their influential power over a certain group of people, influencers can make an impact on the buying ability of a product. 

You can capitalise on this opportunity by having them share a blog post, a YouTube video, a Tweet or photo(s) on Instagram to help you market an app. 

What’s more important, however, is to get an influencer with a high number of followers. Influencers with thousands of followers have a higher swaying power to engage your target audience and promote your app to a large group. Working with an influencer, if correctly targeted, can be very effective.

Create a Landing Page For App Marketing

Having a landing page is crucial to phone app marketing. It serves to educate your customers about your app. You can use your landing page to tell the app’s story and explain to potential users what it brings to the table. 

Remember to incorporate relevant keywords on your landing page. This is where app SEO comes in. It improves your discoverability and lead volume.

Great visuals play a big part in also giving new users a feel of how your app looks like if they download and install it. So make sure to use a good amount of quality screenshots of the app. 

You can create quality visuals by adding captions and visual elements that accentuate your screenshots. 

Create a Strong SEO Strategy

While learning how to market an app effectively, SEO will never miss out on your app marketing strategy. Your app URL may pop up in search results when users key in related queries. Maximize this by incorporating best-targeted keywords and boosting your app’s rankings in SEO. 

You can also use SEO for the website you have designed to help with mobile app marketing. 

A solid SEO strategy will make it easy for search engine users to come across your app. Use of meta-descriptions, tags, and other identifiers will also help your app in marketing. 

In addition, good SEO practices on articles, videos and other forms of content will help boost your app marketing, ultimately making your app more visible to your target audience.

Get App Reviews

Part of your mobile app launch marketing plan should be to receive reviews from people who have already used your app. However, note that the quality and tone of your reviews can either make or break your phone app marketing strategy. 

Once they hear about an app, most people go so far as to check it out. They will want to know what other users think about it. 

People already expect you to give a biased promotion about your product. However, an independent opinion from a third party random user will give an informed review to your target user. 

If you feel you’ve made an app that will be enjoyed by many, it would bode well with you to encourage them to say so. Use this phone app marketing strategy to your convenience by reaching out to your users and having them line up positive reviews on your app.


Keep it in your mind that mobile app marketing is not a walk in the park. Not with all the millions of other apps in the market that offer cut-throat competition. It is therefore a task that should be taken seriously both in pre-launch and post-launch phases. 

The reality is that there is a lot of planning and work that needs to go into your app marketing strategy in order to put your product in front of its target audience. After all, why would you develop an app if no one will ever hear about it or use it?

Understanding and exploiting the app marketplace by using the right marketing techniques will get people to want to use and talk about your app. Leveraging the given tips will make sure your app marketing is successful. 

In conclusion, it goes without saying that having a good app marketing strategy will make your app more visible. This will directly translate to increased downloads. 

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