A Customer-centric Onboarding Strategy Explained By The Best Mobile App Developer In Sydney

By on October 17th, 2020

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Are you interested in increasing the user retention rate of your app? Do you want to know how to get consumers to download your app? If yes, then you have come to the right place. 

Any great mobile app development company in Sydney will tell you that the customer should be at the centre of everything you do. On your app development priority list, creating a customer-centric onboarding strategy should be at the top. 

Below, we take a look at how top mobile app developers are able to achieve this.

Keep It Simple

Most of your customers will opt out of using your app if your onboarding process is convoluted. To begin with, your app onboarding process should be less than one minute

While you might want to learn everything you can about your users as first as you can, you shouldn’t make your onboarding process as a data mining platform. Keep it simple. Only ask your users necessary questions during these initial stages.

When you hire an app developer in Australia, make sure that they know how to simplify the onboarding process while maintaining its effectiveness.

Include A Tutorial

Do not assume that your new user will automatically know how to use your app. In our experience, users will delete your app if they can’t figure out how to use it. App users will rather use an average app they know how to use than a cutting-edge app that they know nothing about.

A video tutorial showing how to access the key features of your app would do magic for your retention rates. Have your mobile app development company in Sydney create a simple video to help new users get started with your app.

But you shouldn’t make the video tutorial mandatory. Some users will prefer to explore the app for themselves. Forcing them to watch a tutorial is not a great first impression for your app.

Reward First Conversions

Once a person has started using your app, you want them to keep using it for as long as possible. This should be the result of any successful onboarding process.

One of the most effective ways to make people use your app consistently is to offer them rewards for their first conversations. Rewards should be relevant to your app. They will act as an incentive for users to invest their time into your app, ensuring that they remain loyal.

Examples of incentives that you can offer your users are in-app currency, product discounts and coupons.

Utilize Other Channels

Some of your users might not complete the onboarding process all at once. When this happens, you should make use of multiple channels to touch base and gently nudge them towards completing the onboarding process.

For example, you could use emails and push notifications to remind users where they left off the onboarding process. Let them know of the rewards that come with completing the registration process.

But, you should be careful when it comes to timing. Make sure that you do not target customers who have just started using your app. Otherwise, they will feel overwhelmed by the constant reminders and delete your app.

Analyse The Data You Collect

You should work with an app development company in Sydney that has experience in analysing data. Here’s why: 

You can learn a lot by analysing the data and customer feedback that you have received from users who completed the onboarding process.

For example, if you notice that certain parts of your Customer-centric Onboarding Strategy process are not performing as you would expect, then you can perform an A/B test. Coming up with different versions of what you want to test will allow you to know what you’d need to change.

Simply put, the more data you analyse, the more you will know about what works for new customers. This information will allow you to build the perfect onboarding process for your app.

In summary, an onboarding strategy is crucial to the success of your app. And as you have probably noticed, getting it right the first time is not easy. You need to make use of the best mobile app development services in Australia, preferably from a company that has experience in creating and executing successful onboarding strategies. An efficient Customer-centric Onboarding strategy will increase user retention for your app while cementing loyalty.

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