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By on September 29th, 2020

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Mini apps are not an entirely new idea, but their power has been revealed in 2020. Their phenomenal rise has been connected to the growth of super apps in China. More apps and tech companies, including Apple and Snapchat, have fully embraced the idea this year. Have you?  If no, our guess is you haven’t heard it yet or understood its importance to your business.

Now is the right time to consult any best mobile app development company in Sydney if you want to learn more.

At Mad About Apps, we always keep up with the latest trends in mobile app development and have mastered how to maximise their potential. In this article, we show you what mini apps are and why you should invest in them. 

What Are Mini Apps

To have a good understanding of what mini apps are, first let’s look at super apps. These are apps that hold a wide selection of services which you have easy access to. They save you the need to download multiple apps for each of the services offered. 

A super app could be a social networking app that you can also use to play games, pay bills, track your exercise and so on. As mentioned earlier, this is not an entirely new idea because Facebook, for instance, has been having ‘Instant Games’. Google Maps has been allowing users to book hotels. There are various other examples. 

But part of what makes the recent super apps unique is that they hold thousands of services and you do not have to leave them to access these services. 

Mini-apps exist within super apps to provide these services. They are relatively lighter and run on the super app’s interface. No download is required. 

Wechat, which is is China’s top super app with over 2.36  million mini-apps, is a messaging app where users can also order food, edit photos, pay bills, play games, shop…the list of services is long. E-commerce-related mini-apps take the bigger pie on this platform (20%). 

WeChat is credited with unleashing the power of mini-apps. The feature was launched in 2017. In the beginning, mini-apps got mixed reactions but two years later, they became a huge hit to the extent that nearly every major app in China now has a mini-program on this WeChat.

The trend has finally caught up with the rest of the world. Not too long ago, Snapchat app launched Snap Minis, which unlike WeChat mini-programs. allows app users to share the content with others. 

During their launch of iPhone iOS 10.14 a few months ago, Apple announced the addition of Apple App Clips, which is the smaller version of a larger app that you can access in various ways, including when using Maps apps or Apple’s messenger. 

Why Should A Business Invest in Mini-Apps?

Opportunity To Reach A Wider Audience

Having a mini app on an established app gives you access to a new audience. It’s an opportunity to grow your online presence and business capabilities. However, your app has to offer a service that enhances the super app’s overall experience. You will actually have to apply for the mini program. Hire a mobile app developer in Australia if you need help evaluating the value of your app or service in relation to a super app’s major goals. 

Consumers Love Mini Apps

More consumers have been drawn to super apps because they save them the need to download multiple apps for different purposes. On these platforms, they get access to different services without having to leave the app.  Your consumers would, therefore, really appreciate it if they had access to your mini app.

No Registration Hassles For Your Customers

Once a user has logged into their super app, access to services is hassle-free. In the case of WeChat, for instance, payments are made from the WeChat Wallet. For a  consumer who has doubts about sharing their credit card information or other personal details with an e-commerce shop, such an app is a welcome relief.

Relatively Cheaper

Developing a mini-app is cheaper compared to paying an app development company in Sydney to create for you an iOS and Android app, which you have to market before launch, plan for the launch, promote and maintain. 

increase Awareness

Earlier on, we saw that Snap minis give users the option to share content with other people within the network. If your app users love what you offer, chances of them sharing will it be high, which could increase your brand’s awareness.

With so many businesses quickly adopting this idea, you will not want to miss out now and try to catch up later when your competitors are ten steps ahead. Take this chance to act. Even though some of the super apps such as WeChat can help you develop and launch a mini-app, you will still need mobile app development services in Sydney if you are keen on providing your mini-app users with a glitch-free and perfect app experience. 

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