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By on July 21st, 2020

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You have finally done it. Your business has a stunning mobile app that promises to contribute majorly to its success. However, you need to realise that hiring a mobile app development company in Sydney to build your app is just half the battle. The other part of the battle is that you need to get as many people as possible to download it.

If you already know about regular SEO, then you understand its effectiveness as a marketing tool. When it comes to apps, it’s no different. 

Throughout the years, Google has been rolling out mobile-friendly updates that have made it possible for mobile apps to show up on search engine result pages(SERPs).

This has opened up a lot of possibilities for marketing mobile apps. However, if you want to realise the full potential of this feature, then you will have to keep working with the best mobile app development company.

SEO for apps is a relatively recent feature on Google, but it’s getting wider and complicated with time due to constant innovation. We will be showing you some of the recent methods that will ensure your apps rank highly in the SERPs. 

Some of them have worked pretty well for us at Mad About Apps. They include:

1. Positive Reviews

You need a great app if you want your users to give it great reviews. And this is where working with a competent app development company in Sydney will really pay off. Great reviews on your app will help your rank on the Google SERP for a number of reasons:

  • New users will be convinced that your app is the best option if you have positive reviews. Eventually, this will lead to increased click rates and conversion rates.
  • The Google algorithm is friendly to apps that have great ratings and positive reviews from users.
  • Positive reviews are important because the Google search engine searches the topmost reviews for possible keywords. Since positive reviews show up at the top of the page, keywords from them will be more relevant to your SERP ranking.

2. Quality Backlinks

Just like regular SEO, quality backlinks are crucial to the success of your App SEO campaign. There are several things that app developers do to achieve this. First, we add a download link from your website to your download page.

We then create a buzz for your app by getting different media outlets to talk about it. The more quality backlinks you can get, the higher Google will rank your app in its SERP.

We can also create a dedicated landing page for your mobile app. A list of its best features will go a long way in convincing users to try it out.

3. Keyword Research

Thorough keyword research is mandatory for the success of your app SEO campaign. You can go at it yourself, but we strongly advise that you hire a mobile app developer in Australia if you want effective results.

The process is very similar to regular SEO keyword research. The goal is to find keywords that users use most when looking for apps that are similar to yours, but there should be low levels of competition for them.

The power of correct keywords cannot be understated. If you bungle up this part of your app’s SEO, then it is highly likely that your app will fail to make it to the top of Google SERPs.

4. Using The Proper Description

It might surprise you to find out that app descriptions are very important when it comes to app SEO. Our research data shows that more than 6% of users will read the description of your app before deciding whether to download it or not.

At Mad About Apps, we strive to create catchy descriptions for your app while making sure to use the correct amount of high-traffic keywords. This approach ensures that your potential users are satisfied with what they read and that Google ranks your app high in its SERP as a result of the quality keywords.

It’s pretty clear that without proper SEO, your well-designed stunning app might never bring you those desired results. Search visibility on both the app store and search engines, increased downloads, better conversion rates, you name it, that’s just a few of the gains you will make when you do this technique right.

At Mad About Apps, we offer affordable mobile app development services in Australia that include SEO for your apps. Contact us to learn how we can take your app to the next level.

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