Important Mobile App Metrics to Track

By on June 30th, 2020

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Mobile apps are the new frontier in the field of digital marketing. Millions of Australians now prefer using apps to achieve different levels of utility on their smart devices. Your business could benefit a lot by having a stunning app created for it by a top mobile app development company in Sydney.

If you already have a mobile app for your business, then that’s awesome! You might reap the rewards of your investment, but only if you can track the metrics from your users and adjust your mobile application to make it better.

Think about this. You probably use other methods of digital marketing to promote your business, right? If yes, you realise how crucial it is to use the data from tools like Google Analytics to optimise your website. It is the only way your website can outperform your competition.

This applies to mobile apps as well. The problem is that since mobile apps are kind of the new kid on the block, you might not know the critical metrics that you should be tracking. We aim to change that with this article. So let’s look at the important app metrics from your mobile app that you should be concerned with.

1.  Churn Rate

Mobile applications lose customers over a period of time. It is inevitable. This user loss is what is referred to in businesses as the churn rate. Since every mobile application has a churn rate, your main goal should be to outperform your competition by having a lower churn rate than they do.

By tracking your churn rate, you can calculate the retention power of your mobile application and get ahead of issues that might be causing you heavy user loss. 

For example, you can quickly check if users are complaining on your website or on social media about your app if you notice a spike in your churn rate. You can then quickly fix the issue before it spirals out of control.

2.  Active Users

One of the main advantages that come with hiring an experienced app development company in Sydney like Mad About Apps is that you get access to advanced tools that can help you easily track your daily and monthly app users

This is a critical metric to the success of your mobile app since it shows if the app is bringing value to the users. If users come back to your app regularly on a daily or monthly basis, then it means that your app offers them a level of functionality that they can not find anywhere else.

This metric is measured by the sign-in rate of your users. Only the first action is registered so subsequent actions won’t matter.

3.  Crashes During Sessions

Users hate crashes. No, let me rephrase that. Users detest crashes. A few crashes are all it takes for a user to uninstall your app and give you a scathing review on the App Store or the PlayStore.

It doesn’t end there. Disgruntled users will likely spread the word on social media platforms and this will lead to your app losing users by the boatload. This is why it is important to track any crashes on your app and quickly fix the bug that is causing it.

You should also release regular app updates that aim to improve user experience and correct any performance issues that might have riddled the past versions of your app. This is another reason why you should hire a mobile app developer Australia to be on standby for such tasks.

4.  Retention Rate

We had to get at this one some point. It is the one metric that most business owners are obsessed with. The retention rate shows how loyal your users are, making it one of the most important metrics for you to track.

The period of measurement largely depends on your business or the industry that you are in. You can decide to measure the percentage of users that return to your app at least once in a 90 day business quarter or after every thirty days.

Higher retention rates show that your users are satisfied with your mobile app.

Tracking mobile app metrics is a complicated process that requires a lot of technical know-how. This is why you should hire a mobile app developer in Australia if you want to be able to utilise the data from your apps to make it better. At Mad About Apps, we offer affordable and quality mobile app development services in Australia for businesses like yours. Talk to us today to learn more about how we can be of help to you. 

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