Mobile App Vs Website: Which Is Better For Your Start-up Business?

By on January 11th, 2021

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In any startup, there are hundreds, if not thousands of things to be achieved. For many, the most important goals are brand recognition and customer loyalty. It is understandable if you have different main goals. 

What’s common to every startup though is that each wants to achieve their main goals fast and in the best way possible. Which leads to the subject of this article. 

Which platform is better for your startup business? A website or mobile app? 

We compare the two in detail. By the end of the article, you will know who to hire first between a website or mobile app development company in Sydney.

Let’s get started.


Personalisation has emerged as a powerful marketing technique in the app development industry. It is in great use nowadays because of its potential to satisfy various consumer needs. 

Your customers will probably be using your app for long periods of time. Without personalisation options, your app will become monotonous over time. 

Customisation makes it possible for users to relate to your app on an individual level. Your app can make suggestions based on how individual customers use your app. The possibilities of customisation are endless.

You can harness the power of personalisation by partnering with a mobile app development company in Australia in building or refining your app. 

It is difficult to personalise a website as you would an app. Personalised experiences such as local recommendations (through geo locations) and customised push notifications are hard to achieve with a website. 

Since you want to build better relationships with your customers from the start, you would be better off using apps in this regard. 

Offline Access

The majority of internet users are on limited data plans. What does this mean for your website? Customers won’t be able to interact with your business if they have a poor internet connection or no internet at all. 

What about a mobile app? Your app too needs access to the internet for it to function but there is a workaround for when your users are offline.

Not all the features on your app need access to the internet. What’s more, your app can save content for offline use making it possible for customers to keep using your app even without access to the internet.

This is why hiring the best app development company in Australia is a game-changing investment for your business.

Take Advantage of Device Features

There’s no doubt that your business will have a tough time surviving in today’s market without a website. However, there are still areas where your website will fall short when compared to an app. 

A mobile app can access a device’s features like GPS location and camera.  It allows you to leverage phone features to further improve your sales pipeline.

For example, your app can send push notifications directly to your user’s phone. Using targeted ads, you can inform them about products they might be interested in and the different offers you have in place. 

You can further refine your ads using the GPS feature. Let’s say you have stores in different cities. Using your app, you can target customers with ads based on the location that they are in. 

Doing this will bump up your conversion rates.


Did you know that an app can be a great marketing tool for your business? Here’s how. 

Your app will be on thousands of customers’ phones. Even if a person isn’t using your app, your icon will serve to remind them of your business. This is a game-changer for small businesses and medium businesses that don’t have the resources to fund aggressive brand-building campaigns.

Since the app icon is such a crucial component of your marketing campaign, it makes sense to hire the best app development company in Australia to design it. This is part of what we do best at Mad About Apps.

Unfortunately, can’t you do this with a website because it does not occupy space on your customer’s phone. It is impossible to use your brand icon as an effective marketing tool when you are purely relying on a website. 

Time Allocation

It’s a fact that people spend more time using apps than mobile web. Some studies put the figures at 90%. I.e. the percentage of time spent on mobile apps. 

Gaming apps and social media apps take the lion’s share of user time. Does your app stand a chance of having a piece of the pie? The answer is yes. The fact that your customers can interact directly without having to go through a browser will serve as an incentive to use your app.

It’s true that your business can not thrive without a website. But this doesn’t mean that you should focus all your resources on developing a website. A mobile app will allow you to market your brand in ways not possible with a website. Speak to an experienced mobile app development company in Sydney Australia to learn more about the power of apps for startup businesses. 

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