The Benefits Of Integrating Apple Pay In Your Mobile App By The Best Mobile App Developer In Sydney

By on November 23rd, 2020

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Apple Pay has risen to become the most popular mobile-based payment system in Australia. Roughly 10% of Australians rely on mobile contactless mobile payments and Apple Pay takes the biggest share at 6.5%. This growth speaks to its potential as the future of mobile payments. 

You have every reason to have it integrated into your mobile app. In this article, we look at its special benefits to your business and why you should hire the best mobile app development company in Sydney to do the integration for you. 

Fast Checkout Experience

One of the reasons why Apple Pay is so popular among customers is because they no longer have to deal with the hassle of filling billing and shipping information when purchasing goods. All they have to do is to make the order and confirm it using either face identification or fingerprint.

This makes Apple Pay the fastest payment option for Apple users. Hire a mobile app developer in Australia with experience in integrating Apple Pay to optimise it for your business. 

Gain Competitive Edge

Apple Pay has become very popular among iPhone users not just in Australia but across the world. Customers who start using it rarely go back to using traditional methods of paying for products due to the convenience it offers. 

Integrating Apple Pay into your app is therefore in your best interests. Currently, Apple has the largest mobile market share in Australia, which presents a great opportunity for you to satisfy and win over more customers. 

The earlier you integrate Apple Pay in your app, the more your brand will benefit. As Apple Pay keeps growing, your business will be able to attract customers who prefer using Apple Pay as a payment option.

Avoid Fraud

With Apple Pay, you no longer have to worry about dealing with fraud cases again. The customer is in complete control of any transaction made using their device. What’s more, only the customer can access their data on Apple Pay.

This makes it impossible for fraudsters to steal financial information from your customers. This is a big win for business owners. Once you integrate Apple Pay into your app, you will never have to deal with chargebacks again.


Security should be your main concern if customers are going to be making payments using your app. Customers are very cautious of making purchases online, especially with cases of fraud online increasing.

Nothing will sink your app faster than a security breach. The app development company in Sydney working on your app should take its security seriously.

Integrating Apple Pay into your app is a no-brainer if you are looking for secure payment options. The reason why Apple Pay is so secure is the use of tokens.

Every transaction on Apple Pay is made using tokens instead of the person’s credit card data. This makes it impossible for fraudsters to steal information.

Only the banks know the people making purchases and which cards to charge. This is why Apple has to go into a partnership with a bank before the system can be used.

Tokenisation has made Apple Pay the most secure payment option for iPhone users. Many businesses are reporting zero cases of fraud since they started using it.

Easy To Integrate

The Apple Pay integration process is relatively straightforward. This is the same for businesses in different commercial sectors.

You will find the whole process easy, especially if you are working with an experienced mobile app development company in Sydney.

The cool thing with Apple Pay is that it doesn’t end with your app. You can also integrate it into your website if you like how it works for your app.

Get Funds Faster

Who doesn’t like being paid on time? With Apple Pay integrated into your app, you are guaranteed of quick cash transfer rates. Apple Pay is known for transferring money from customers to the merchant much faster than most traditional methods of payment.

Attract Customers

It is already becoming apparent that businesses with no secure and convenient mobile payment option end up alienating a huge chunk of their customers. Integrating Apple Pay into your app could be the decision that turns your business around. 

Apple Pay use has been gradually increasing in Australia as more banks implement it. So, the faster you can integrate Apple Pay in your app, the sooner you can attract new customers to your business.

Final Thoughts

Apple Pay is picking up steam, there is no doubt about that. Integrating it into your app is one of the best ways you can take advantage of this rising payment technology. Look for a company well-recognised for providing iOS mobile app development services in Australia and work with them in fully integrating this payment method into your app. 

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