Apps, The Answer To Current Retail Trends?

By on July 14th, 2020

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Imagine ignoring a trend only to realise later that all your competitors are far ahead of you and you are playing catch up. As a retailer owner, that’s probably the last thing you want to deal with. Today is your chance to find out if apps might just be the answer to the current retail trends you are trying to keep up with. You will also learn why hiring a great mobile app development company in Sydney could make a difference in your business. 

The retail landscape has no doubt evolved in the past few years and there’s no sign that this is about to stop. Apps are the new wave currently revolutionising the retail industry.  At Mad About Apps, we’ve witnessed retail businesses transform their operations for the better when we designed for them stunning apps that enabled them to take full advantage of current retail trends. 

Below, we show you how such an app can help you enjoy the same benefits and generally take your retail business to the next level. 

Digital Marketing 

More people today have access to fast internet and smartphones. In Australia, the smartphone penetration level is currently 84%. A bigger percentage of this population spend up to five hours a day glued on their mobile screens. 

Many are on the lookout for what’s new not just on social media, but also on their other favourite apps. Wouldn’t it be nice if they visited your app regularly to see what’s new? Of course, this can only be achieved if you have a great app that is easy to navigate and is updated regularly with new information targeting your consumers. 

If what you offer is valuable, they will definitely keep checking your app each time they are using their phones. This kind of marketing is similar to having a billboard for your retail business, only this time it is on your client’s private gadget.

Build Customer Loyalty 

Other than having many brands to choose from, your target client might also be exposed to dozens of online Ads, most of which they ignore. This means they might not react to all the online Ads you and your competitors put out there. 

When you hire an app developer in Australia, they can help you solve this by making your business personal to your clients. Your app could be the place where they’ll feel all their needs have been catered to. All they have to do to, from shopping and making inquiries to giving feedback will just be one tap away. This will form the basis for a long-lasting relationship between you and them. 

Many consumers will easily opt for this as opposed to having to go through overwhelming adverts and promotions on social media, search engines and other platforms in search of a retailer. 

High Customer Engagement 

If keen, you have probably noticed that today’s consumers are an entitled lot. They want instant responses to inquiries. They want you to know how they feel about your brand. Some will even give improvement suggestions expecting that you will make the necessary changes.  

A great app development company in Sydney can advise you on how to go about this with the help of an app. At Mad About Apps, for example, we can design your app complete with a feature that allows for seamless engagement between you and your consumers. 

This way, you can receive and respond to messages from your customers on time and with ease. You will also get helpful feedback. Your business definitely needs this for better client retention, don’t you think? 

Improved Customer Experience 

One of the emerging trends in the retail industry is that consumers want the shop to come to them. Your clients no longer want to come all the way to your physical location to see products on sale and check prices. Generally, they want a perfect customer experience. 

Having a responsive e-commerce website is just the first step. A good number of consumers nowadays prefer to use mobile apps to shop. By making everything they need available on an app, you make it easier for them to ‘window shop’, make orders and receive them from the comfort of their homes. 

Constant Branding 

Did you know that human brains process and store bits of information of every image they see? You are probably wondering what this has to do with trends in retail.

Well, with the help of a mobile app development company in Sydney, you can create an app that comes complete with your logo and other branding themes which your consumers will see every time they interact with it.

As mentioned earlier, smartphone users spend plenty of time on their mobile screens. So, that constant interaction with your app and exposure to the logo will help with the brand familiarity process. 

There’s definitely more to gain when you have a well-designed app for your retail business. It would be better to reach out to a good company that offers mobile app development services in Australia to learn more. Our team at Mad About Apps is ready to answer any questions and clear any doubts you might have about this subject. 

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