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By on October 13th, 2020

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You have probably heard a lot about 5G technology. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation and half-truths surrounding this subject. If you want nothing but facts on the future of 5G and how it’s going to affect Mobile App development, you have come to the right place.

As you will realise shortly, it is best to work with a mobile app development company in Sydney that stays on top of emerging technology trends. It is even better if they have a deep understanding of technologies like the 5G revolution. 

Our experts at Mad About Apps helped us come up with this expert analysis of the 5G technology. To start you off, let’s take a look at its future.

The Future of 5G Network

5G is already available in some Australian cities but its real impact is yet to be felt. It might take a few more years before it is fully rolled out. Currently, it is running on a lower band (3.5Ghz and 3.6Gz). Its frequencies range between 1Ghz and 300GHz compared to the 700 MHz for 4G. 

Deloitte released a report in 2018 which predicted that the 5G network will raise Australia’s GDP by $50 million during the first decade of its launch. In the report, nearly 80% of business leaders said the faster communication and data transfer enabled by the technology would benefit businesses in so many ways. An estimated 69% said they will adopt the technology before 2021. Many other businesses were planning to adopt 5G sooner so as to make the best use of technologies such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality. 

Even though 4G is the standard mobile network in Australia, most networks in the country still operate 3G. For many, it’s a fallback. The same is more likely to happen with the 5G network. It will run alongside its predecessors until it is fully integrated. 

As for the rumoured health effects, the World Health Organisation has boldly disputed the claims. No research has so far connected the 5G technology to the rumoured harmful health effects. The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency shares the same sentiments and even has a dedicated page for addressing the misinformation around the technology.

5G Network and Its Impact On Mobile App Development

In-App Ads

Mobile app advertisements have come a long way. From clunky, intrusive banner ads to targeted ads that are well integrated within the mobile app Development. But, mobile app advertising still has a long way to go. 

The delivery method of mobile ads is an area that is going to improve in leaps and bounds when the 5G technology completely rolls out.

Current 4G speeds limit developers from integrating more robust advertising technologies into mobile apps. 5G networks support technologies that require fast network speeds to run efficiently. Examples include augmented reality and virtual reality technologies.

The advent of 5G networks will allow developers to create apps with advertising frameworks that will take advantage of the high speeds that the network offers. This will allow you to create advertisements for your app that are light years ahead of what is possible with the current internet speeds.

To stay ahead of your competition, work with an Mobile app development company in Sydney that fully embraces such new trends and makes the best use of them. 

Video Streaming

The streaming revolution is already here with us. There are many ways in which videos are being used in mobile apps to offer users a more wholesome experience. But, there is still room for improvement, especially when it comes to video quality.

A huge chunk of app users that use their mobile devices to stream videos opt for lower resolutions because of the restrictive data plans that they are on. The limitations of the current networks are to blame for low-resolution videos.

With 5G networks, users will be able to stream high-resolution videos on mobile apps without latency or buffering. As you can imagine, this presents unique opportunities for you as an entrepreneur when it comes to delivering quality content through your mobile app.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Technologies

You have probably already heard or experienced AR and VR technologies. But, it is currently not possible for these technologies to be used extensively in apps. This is mainly because of the limitations that the 4G network presents.

AR and VR technologies process huge amounts of data. The high network speeds that are a feature of 5G technology will make it possible for these technologies to be put into good use by app developers. They are going to come up with innovative ways of implementing these technologies to mobile apps.

Some mobile app companies already offer mobile app development services in Australia that accommodate 5G technology. Mad About Apps is lucky to be among the few who have adopted this technology. We will make it easier for you to take full advantage of it as it rolls out. 

Cloud Technology

Cloud technology is not necessarily a novel invention; a variety of apps have been implementing it to make the user experience seamless. However, the current use of cloud technology is just a taste of what can be achieved.

Since 5G networks do not suffer from the speed limitations of current mobile networks, developers will be able to make full use of cloud technology. Mobile users won’t have to install apps on their devices, this means they will be able to use resource-heavy apps on budget devices.

Effective implementation of cloud technology in app development will ensure that user data is more secure, reducing the risks of serious security breaches.

Final Thoughts

In summary, 5G is the next big thing for mobile networks. The technology will obviously influence how mobile apps are going to be developed down the road. 

High network speeds will change the mobile advertising landscape, making it possible for you to make use of cutting-edge technology in your ads. 5G networks will make the dream of streaming high-resolution videos and integrating VR and AR features in mobile apps a reality. 

Looking at all of these advantages, it makes perfect sense to hire a mobile development company in Sydney that has a deep understanding of the 5G technologies.

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