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By on December 7th, 2020

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Should you really be concerned about how your app icon looks when there are more important issues to worry about regarding the development of your app? The answer is yes. You could get everything else right but if your icon isn’t well done, that might just be the beginning of your woes. Icon design is one of the core areas of your app development. This article will show you how to make an app icon that converts and also why working with a mobile app development company in Sydney matters. 

Zero Texts

We believe that you are better off with an image-based icon. Every other top app development company in Sydney will tell you the same thing. Think about it. Using text on your logo will only distract your users, especially since your icon will be accompanied by the name of your app.

And because app icons are displayed in a small size, your text won’t be visible anyway. There is also the chance that your icon might end up looking dated and sketchy. But an image-based icon will attract users to your app.

Please note that your business logo belongs on your website and on social media profiles. Your icon isn’t your logo. You can create one inspired by your logo but make sure that it’s simple and image-based.

Don’t Settle

Let’s assume you have finally created an app icon that looks better after several failed attempts. Should you stop at that? Well, you could. But there’s a chance that might not be the best version of your app icon. 

Once you have an app icon that you like, make changes to create variations. Showing them to a test audience will allow you to find out how the public will react to different versions of your icon. 

If you hire a mobile app developer in Australia to help you out with the creation process, your icon will come out much better.

But if you are designing the icon on your own, then you shouldn’t be afraid to bend the rules if you are thinking of coming up with something fresh. The more variations you design, the closer you will be to coming up with your ideal app icon.

Reveal Functionality Using The Picture

People go to the app store with the intent of downloading an app that does a specific thing. Your app icon should tell the user what your app is about in a glance. 

It sounds complex, right? Unless you have an extensive background in design, this is a reason enough to partner with a mobile app development company in Sydney

Of course, you won’t be able to explain what your app does in detail using just the app icon. This isn’t possible. Using the app icon to tell the story of your app is only possible if the core purpose of your app is clear.

A potential user will resonate with your design if they can connect with it on a deep level.


Do not forget one important fact as you design your icon: it will be scaled down to the size of a phone screen. What does this mean for you? If your icon can’t retain its elements on a smaller screen, then it will lose its qualities. Users won’t be attracted to it, meaning it won’t convert.

Since your icon will be scaled down, you should design it in such a way that it remains captivating even when shrunk down. For starters, make use of colour and contrast to make your app icon pop. 

You should also keep your design simple by using strong, geometric shapes.

Test Your Design

Before you get excited about how great your icon has turned out, make sure that you have tested it out in different settings. Your icon might look great while isolated, but awful when combined with different backgrounds.

For example, you could take screenshots of the Play Store, App Store, desktops versions and how it appears on different devices. Placing your icon in such backgrounds is an effective way of finding out if your design works or not.
A good number of apps have failed simply because the icons used were badly designed. This alone underlines the importance of design an app icon that converts. Making use of quality app development services in Australia is a sure way to ensure that your final design is memorable and iconic.

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