What Entrepreneurs Should Focus On Once They Have Hired The Best App Development Company In Sydney

By on September 2nd, 2020

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You have just hired a great mobile app development company in Sydney to design your app. Is it time to now sit back and relax? 

You could take it easy and wait for the launch of your app. But doing so will decrease the chances of your app being a success. 

There are a number of areas you will want to focus on once you have hired an app developer. Doing so will help you to have a stress-free launch and boost the chances of your app being a success. 

Below, we take a look at the essential areas you will want to focus on: 

1. Come Up With A Pricing Strategy

Did you know that there are different pricing models for mobile apps? If no, have your app developer shed more light on that.

Choosing the wrong pricing strategy for your app will automatically kill your chances of having a successful launch.

When approaching this, first consider the platform you plan to launch your app on. This is because the psychology of users on the two major platforms (iOS and Android) differ greatly.

For example, since the Android OS is open-source, its users are more used to downloading apps for free. Paid apps that do not solve a niche issue will have a hard time breaking into the Android market.

Generally, study your audience, consider what your app offers and study the competition before you settle on a pricing model.

2. Generate Buzz

After you hire a mobile app developer in Australia, start figuring out ways to create hype around your upcoming app. 

You may not know this but your app is more likely to tank if you do not market it properly. It doesn’t matter if you used the best mobile app development services in Australia. Your app’s success partly relies on the pre-launch buzz. 

With an effective app marketing strategy, you will have people talking about your app months before you launch.

But how does one make that happen?

One of the most effective methods to create interest around your app is by posting progress reports on your social media channels and websites. 

For example, you could do vlogs that show ‘behind the scenes’ snippets of the app development process or make a coming-soon video to create anticipation. 

Another thing you could do is have a landing page on your website where people interested in your app can leave their emails. Such users can serve as early adopters and testers for your app when you are ready to roll out the beta version.

3. Prioritise On ASO

App store optimisation (ASO) is crucial to the success of your app on launch. A lot of smartphone users browse the store when they want to download apps.

If your app is to be successful at launch, you will have to take the appropriate ASO steps to make it happen.

The use of keywords in the description of your app will have a very positive impact on your app store search rank.

The next step is to come up with captivating visuals for branding your app. The first thing that a potential user sees when searching for apps in your category will be the brand image for your app. 

The visuals you use on your app will either convince a person to learn more about it, increasing the chances of a download or they will move to another app with more compelling visuals.

4. Reach Out To The Media

The media is sorely underused by app developers who want to have a successful launch. Think about it. Reporters and tech journalists have loyal subscribers who might be interested in your app.

One of the most effective ways of reaching out to the media is by Googling your competition and checking the journalists who covered them. You can then prepare a press release package and start reaching out to the reporters.

If you are wondering if there’s more you can do beyond these four, the answer is yes. You can always speak to your mobile app development company in Sydney for more ideas.  In the meantime, taking these four steps we have looked at so far will increase your chances of a successful launch.

In summary, picking the right price strategy guarantees your revenue while utilising ASO techniques will increase your app’s ranking on the app stores. Building an online presence through your website and reaching out to the media will generate interest around your app months before you launch.

Make these your foundational steps once you have hired an app developer. 

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