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By on September 16th, 2020

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Covid-19 pandemic came hitting hard, paralysing many sectors and forcing the closure of businesses, schools, entertainment joints among other establishments and institutions. 

A good number resorted to finding a mobile app development company in sydney that could help them create apps to sustain their businesses or adapt it to the changing times. 

It’s great to see that this worked well for a number of businesses. Unfortunately, many are still trying to recover or stay afloat during this time.

Today we take a look at apps that have thrived during this pandemic. They have been downloaded millions of times and made a name for themselves during this time. 

1. Zoom

When social gatherings and movements were restricted, working from home and e-learning became the new normal. Many businesses and learning institutions resorted to using technology to ensure the continuity of their operations and learning programs. 

Zoom emerged as an app of choice for many because it made it possible to have smooth boardroom meetings, conference calls, events and classes over the internet.

By June 2020, zoom app had an estimated  300 million downloads across Google Play Store and App Store. This was a growth of 2,000% compared to the same period in 2019. 

Initially, the app had a few security issues which saw it banned by some countries and get probed by others. But it later made significant improvements that eased the controversies. 

Zoom now has tough competition, but its relevance will no doubt transition into the post-covid era as businesses pick their lessons from the pandemic. 

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2. TikTok

Covid-19 restrictions across the world required entertainment and social joints to shut down in order to limit the spread of the virus. This ban on social gatherings saw people turn to their phones to compensate for the lack of physical entertainment.

Of all entertainment apps, Tiktok gained the most users during this pandemic, especially the young demographic, whom it’s popular with. 

The app recorded the most installs for any app ever in a single quarter, recording 315 million downloads compared to 188 in the first quarter of 2019.

Not too long ago, the app has crossed 2 billion downloads, becoming one of the most popular apps in the world. Although there were concerns over child privacy protection violations, TikTok assured that it would introduce protection measures for young people.

3. Google Classroom

Developed by Google, the app has been at the forefront in supporting online learning after schools and other learning institutions were shut down due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

It has become the go-to app for schools that aim to simplify the creation, distribution and grading of assignments. The app streamlines the process of sharing files between teachers and students.

With millions of students turning to virtual learning, Google Classroom became the tenth most downloaded app globally in March, recording a massive 28.2 million downloads in April 2020, which was 21 times higher than in April 2019.

E-learning has never been more relevant than during this pandemic and as schools move towards fully embracing it, Google Classroom will retain its relevance. 

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4. Strava

Strava tracks your physical activities (swimming, running & cycling) via your smartphone, GPS watch or bike computer and lets you share your data with fellow users. Beyond exercising, it’s a platform where you get to compare your performance with other users and connect or engage with them. 

Strava has played a key role in promoting fitness during the pandemic, as most people are locked in their homes.

Ever since the pandemic began earlier this year, Strava downloads have tripled to 656 million and continue to rise. 

5. Instacart

With many people locked at home, grocery apps have seen massive records in growth as millions of people purchase grocery products online.

Instacart saw the biggest increase in downloads, at 218% in April, making it one the most favourite apps for shared grocery lists. One of its major attractions is the well designed and easy to use features that make groceries simpler.

A lot remains to be seen when it comes to covid-19 impact on the app industry.  Maybe more apps will emerge and attract millions of downloads as the world tries to better ways to cope with the pandemic.

Our experts at Mad About Apps will be glad to help you figure out ways you could use apps to sustain your business this period. Whether it’s a fitness, shopping, entertainment or business app, we have the talents and resources to make for you a perfect fit for your business. You are welcome to explore our mobile app development services in Australia

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